Yoga & The Pelvic Floor

Each pelvis has it’s own story consisting of all the things happened within this area, from childbirth to stress to trauma. All this can result in issues and discomfort in your pelvis. During this 2 hour online workshop I will teach you all about the anatomy of the pelvis, an undervalued part of the body. I will let you get acquainted with the pelvis and pelvic floor through yoga, breathwork, visualisation,meditation and body literacy. You will learn about the different layers of the pelvic floor, the bony landmarks of the pelvis and organs. We’ll discuss the difference between an overly tight pelvic floor and an overly loose one. You’ll learn how the pelvic floor interacts with the surrounding muscles. With these exercises you will get the tools for a happy, healthy and stable pelvis!

Bonus material

You not only get the 2 hour online workshop, but also receive 3 extra's

  • PDF with extra exercises

    Yoga & The Pelvic Floor

    Explaining the difference between a hyper and hypo active pelvic floor plus 3 exercises to connect to your pelvis and pelvic floor

  • 30 Minute Yoga Class

    Yoga for Pelvic Pain

    Yoga class focussed on relaxing and stretching the pelvic floor. Great if you experience pelvic pain (pelvic floor, hips, lower back, groins).

  • 30 Minute Yoga Class

    Pelvic Floor Stability & Strengthening

    Yoga class to help create core stability and strength.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Workshop | Yoga & The Pelvic Floor

    • Yoga & The Pelvic Floor | Workshop

    • Workshop Handout - Extra Practices

    • Yoga for Pelvic Pain

    • Yoga for Core Stability & Strength


  • What is your refund policy?

    There are no refunds and all sales are final. I trust that you make a well-considered choice when you make a purchase.

  • How much is this workshop?

    This workshop is €55 and includes the workshop recording plus 2 bonus yoga classes and handout pdf

  • When is the workshop?

    You will receive a recording of the workshop, so you can do it whenever you want to. Just block 2 hours to do the workshop. The yogaclasses are 30 minutes each.